• Description

    • Sports and academic evaluation to determine the opportunities and prospects of scholarships (athletic and / or academic).

    • Assistance in the preparation of personal video plus sports and academic curriculum, that will be sent to universities and coaches.

    • Assistance in the preparation and registration for the TOEFL and / or SAT exams. GMAT / GRE included for Master/MBA´S programs.

    • Search and contact with universities/coaches that fit the athletic / academic profile of the student-athlete.

    • Support in all necessary steps, forms, documents, required for enrollment and admission to the university and respective university league.


  Note: We do not provide agency of athletes for professional leagues in the USA. We work only with university leagues (NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA)

  • Benefits of the american education system for a student-athlete

    • To be able to conciliate studies and sports of high level (a normal day are approximately 4 hours of classes and 3 hours of training).

    • Personalized academic support.

    • Student-athletes have options at more than 2,500 universities and 1500 junior colleges..

    • Scholarships allow you to cover the high cost of tuition (average between $ 10000-30000 / year), room & board, books or other related costs.

    • Obtaining a university degree. Associate, Bachelor and Master programs.

    • English, written and spoken to perfection. Including technical English for a career path.

    • "Professionalism" of university sports in the USA (intensive training, excellent facilities, weekly/monthly/semester competitions, physical trainers, physiotherapists, team kits).

    • The student-athlete is viewed as someone important in each university.

    • Possibility to persue a professional sports path while studying or once the studies are finished.


  • Prerequisites to apply for scholarships

    • Ages between 16-24 years old.

    • Good/high level athletes, without professional status, with adequate sports level to be worthy of a scholarship in the sport they practice.

    • Student-athletes who meet the academic requirements required by the American university system.

    • Must be at least attending the 10th year of higher secondary school.

    • Be studying at the university, with certain subjects and grades approved. Applies only to student-athletes who wish to transfer to finish the undergraduate degree or transfer to take a master's degree (graduate).

    • Have a sufficient level of English to pass the required entrance exams for American universities or High Schools (TOEFL and / or SAT).



For all who wish to pursue the dream of playing their sport without sacrificing their academics.
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