Sports4Me selects, advises, prepares and guides young people between the ages of 14 and 24 interested in improving their physical and technical performance in the sport they practice, improving their English level and attending the course they want in the American education system. Thus reconciling education with sport.


  • Sports and academic evaluation to determine the opportunities for admission and prospects for scholarships (sports and / or academic).

  • Assistance in the preparation of videos and sports and academic curricula that will be presented to universities, secondary schools and their coaches.

  • Assistance in the preparation and registration for the TOEFL and / or SAT exams. GMAT / GRE Inclusive.

  • Research high schools and universities that fit the athlete / student's athletic and academic profile.

  • Contact with coaches from secondary schools and universities to negotiate sports scholarships and / or academic scholarships.

  • Support in all forms and documents required for admission to secondary school or university and respective university league.

Prerequisites for choosing athletic and / or academic scholarships

  • Age between 16-24 years. Higher ages through analysis of each specific case and modality.

  • Athletes of good / high level, without professional status, with sufficient sporting level to be worthy of a sports and / or academic scholarship in the sports they practice.

  • Students who meet the academic requirements required by the American university system.

  • Must be attending the 10th year of secondary education.

  • Be studying at the university, with certain credits / subjects approved. Applies to student-athletes who intend to transfer in order to finish their degree or transfer to pursue a master's degree

  • Have a sufficient level of English to pass the mandatory exams to access American universities (TOEFL and / or SAT).

Advantages of the American education system for an athlete

  • Possibility to combine studies and high level sports (a normal day is approximately 4 hours of classes and 2/3 hours of training)

  • Personalized academic follow-up.

  • Athletes have options at more than 2500 universities and 1500 junior colleges.

  • Sports scholarships cover the cost of tuition, housing, food and sometimes books and health insurance.

  • Obtaining a university degree. Associate, Bachelor or Master degree.

  • English written and spoken perfectly. Including technical English for a professional route.

  • “Professionalism” of university sports in the USA (intensive training, excellent facilities, practically weekly competitions, physical trainers, doctors / physiotherapists, sports equipment).

  • Possibility to continue by a professional sports route.


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